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Why Do Companies Invest in Custom Promotional Products?

There are a lot of people that say that custom promotional products are just a waste of time and money and they do not really do anything for the companies that use them. However they are wrong; believe it or not these products that they invest money into actually do several things.

  • Promote the business to other businesses
  • Professional looking
  • Free advertising for people that are looking to use their service
  • Discounts

These four reasons are just some of the main reasons that companies order custom promotional products. Organizations use customized products mainly as an advertising prop to send to possible clients, customers or to promote their business and tell the world why they are the best. It is a proven fact that word of mouth advertising is the best way to increase your business, the ability to customize products to promote your business is a good way to keep your name in your client’s mind and this may come in handy when they’re recommending a business to a partner or friends.

However that is not the only reason that businesses all over the world use custom promotional products each and every day. Another good reason is that they will invest in making sure that they have promotional products is for the simple fact that it makes their organization appear professional no matter what size it may be.

One of the other reasons that businesses use the customized promotional products is for free advertising purposes other than for businesses. For example they may send a person a customized t-shirt with a logo that they came up with to promote a race or a cause that your company supports, it’s a great way to get your name out there.

Finally the last but not least reason is to improve customer relations. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Order a batch of shirts or pens and send them to an existing customer and when time comes around to renew that contract… they will remember and appreciate the time they received that gift from you.

So if you are someone that is thinking about using the custom promotional products to increase your business exposure these are just some of the best reasons that some of the big companies do each and every day. So what are you waiting for? Take some time and do some research as to what customizing companies can offer you.

Business Productivity Gains Can Come From Seemingly Small Tasks

Many businesses fall into a trap by focusing on core processes for productivity gains while ignoring potentially hundreds of small, tedious, administrative tasks that threaten to bog down the team. The flow of work, pace of decisions and even responsiveness to customers can be severely hampered by these tasks while the business strives to solve bigger challenges. At some point the cumulative effect of such non-core and yet required tasks becomes a drag on the ability to perform and grow.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the information technology division of the business. IT is where the priorities of the business go be converted into efficient and productive systems. Nowhere in the list of priorities did a host of administrative tasks appear as a priority and you would not expect to find them there considering the importance of core processes that drive the operation of the business. However, the productivity gains that may be achieved with just a small bit of attention to these tasks can have a dramatic ability to free up precious employee time to focus on getting the more important job done.

The IT organization supported by the heads of various business and operating divisions, have become masters at hunting buffaloes. No measly squirrels for them. They are so busy preparing the big guns, hunting parties and horses to go and hunt for the buffaloes that they are seemingly unaware that the squirrels are stealing their stash of nuts that was supposed to provide energy during the winter months. In much the same way, the focus on large projects allows the burden of many small administrative tasks to steal away valuable time and productivity.

In fact, they appear so determined to hunt buffaloes that when a squirrel is presented to them as an opportunity they will spend days and even months working to convert it into a buffalo worthy of their attention. Along the way, the employees and even department heads becomes increasingly frustrated at the need to perform so many tasks manually when a simple automated solution seems self-evident. Occasionally, individual departments will find a small budget and go outside to find a third party who may be able to help them.

Of course, since IT establishes the rules about what is acceptable technology, solutions and even providers, going outside the company often ends in a political tangle that only further complicates the issue. As businesses evaluate their priorities for investing in the development and automation of key business processes and managing the flow of information through the operation, they should include a review of the administrative tasks being performed, the frequency at which they are performed, the number of employees performing the same task, the time consumed and the potential for errors. Core operations or customer facing systems will always be assigned the highest priority, but ignoring these tasks can result in a huge productivity drag.

Determine what it will take to hunt the buffalo in the most efficient manner with the most proficient resources and leave some small unit behind to go after the squirrels to protect your stash of nuts. This small unit of technical IT staff must be empowered to identify specific administrative tasks and deal with them one at a time without being forced to convert each into a buffalo first. You may just find that the overall productivity and employee satisfaction in your business increase dramatically. You also find there are fewer buffalo to hunt than you assumed, as your team has been so adept at converting every squirrel into a buffalo that requires a lot more resources and time to resolve.

Roll Out Garage Floor Mats – The Easy Garage Floor Investment

Roll out garage floor mats are a great accessory to invest in because they do more than protect the garage floor from the mud and debris brought into the garage by your car or truck. Most floors are made of concrete which can absorb stains from dripping fluids given off by the car as the oil, transmission and other fluids settle. These roll out mats are made of materials designed to resist and repel petroleum fluids that can stain your concrete. They are preferred by car owners who work on their own vehicles or have custom garages designed to restore classic models of cars or trucks.

Mats are available in many different styles from smoother classic looks like metal, to ribbed mats designed to provide firm footing when working on your car. Another benefit to having a roll out garage floor mat is that they provide an anti-slip surface to reduce the fear of slip falls from wet floors. Some mats come in different thicknesses and materials, which is great when a car owner is creating a theme inside the garage. Textures and prints of famous car manufacturers are also available which adds to the uniqueness of the interior of the garage. Colors are also some of the new features that roll out garage mats offer, which adds to the creativity and types of design that can be added.

There are a number of considerations that need to be kept in mind when hunting for the best roll out mat for your home. The first is to decide what the size is that you need and the purpose. Some of this can be decided when you figure out how much your budget will allow. Benefits of finding the best mat that you can afford will be noticed in the protection it offers. If you work on cars a great deal, choose a mat that will allow any of the roll type tool chests to slide over it easily. If you live in a wet climate, it might be a mat that catches water well and is self-draining or allows you to easily squeegee it out.

In addition to the size and function, make sure that the mat you are selecting is easy to install and resistant to stains. It is also important to select a mat that is able to withstand any mechanic creepers or jacks that may be used while working on the automobile. Slip resistance and thickness are also considerations that need to be taken into account. Garage mats that are rated for heavy duty wear and tear are the best choice, especially for a lot of traffic in and out of the garage.

One of the best features is that these mats are designed to be easy to install and clean. The easiest way to clean these mats is to roll them up and move them to the driveway, unroll, and then use a jet sprayer head on a garden hose to wash the dirt and debris from them. Allow to dry fully before replacing in the garage. If you do use cleaners, make certain they are biodegradable to reduce damage to flowers and plants nearby the driveway. Garage floor mats should be water resistant and have enough weight to resist moving or slipping.

Installing roll out style garage floor mats doesn’t require any special knowledge. It is important to make certain that the garage area is clean and any spills are removed before the garage mat is put in place. This will increase the life of the mat and it will last longer before needing to be replaced. They do vary in cost depending on the type of mat selected, size and design. The more heavy duty professional grade mats usually cost more than light duty ones

With all the different styles, patterns, and duty ratings, you should be able to select a roll out garage mat that fits your needs. The investment in your garage floor can be a great way to add value to your garage and home while indulging your creative side. Plus, you can have a new floor in less than an hour.