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Why the Right Tools Are Vital For the Success Of Your Online Business

An online business just like any other business does require constant attention, well planned and properly executed sales and marketing plans and stellar customer care service to clients so as to succeed in this highly competitive market space. With every business out there to make a profit and satisfy client needs, it is only the best prepared online businesses which will enjoy success and return profits to its shareholders.

It is therefore imperative for an online business to use the right tools so as to ensure it does not only meet, but surpasses its laid out profit targets and customer satisfaction levels in equal measure. The right tools are required so as to enhance the efficiency and overall effectiveness in the way the organization conducts business. Using the correct tools should enable the company to not only do the right thing but also do it the right way; ensuring that programs such as advertisements and promotions are run in the most cost effective and efficient manner using the correct communication medium and being able to accurately quantify the returns on such an investment. There are numerous tools which can help in market analysis, market segmentation, and SEO amongst a host of others.

With both prospective and current clients being quite sensitive and having a wide array of similar goods and services to choose from, it is critical for an organisation to utilize all the available tools to proactively detect client dissatisfaction, respond to all client queries, and come up with non intrusive ways of engaging with both current clients and prospects too. Without implementing the proper tools, any business and especially so an online business, will constantly wallow in the red as it will not only be unable to attract new clients, but also be unable to retain the current ones.

With numerous sources of information and data being readily and cheaply available, most online businesses find themselves suffering from information overload. The market is awash with all kinds of information coming from both legit and dubious sources. It therefore behooves any respectable company to deploy tools which will assist them to sift through this trove of information and retrieve usable, accurate and current pieces of data which can help the organization to steer forward in their growth path.

The heightened competitive environment has also introduced both ethical and unethical modes of gathering client data and information. Apart from the ethical conundrum that the issue poses, many companies are now finding themselves spending a lot of money securing both their sensitive business information and client data. It is therefore also important for any online business to use the appropriate tools to secure their data and assure their clients that all their private data is safe and secure.

Finally, to fully appreciate why the right tools are critical to your online business success, it is important to play close attention to how businesses are now embracing the online space and how mobile telephony and the internet are currently intertwined. With almost every major business sector in the world embracing the internet as not only a tool but a key driver to profitability, the online business is on a positive growth curve and this doesn’t look like changing any time soon.

Your MLM Business Could Be The Route To A More Fulfilling Life

You have taken the plunge and decided to go the way of many great people before you and now you are beginning to doubt your own sanity. This MLM business is not all they said it would be – It is hard, it is demoralizing as you try to approach your friends and family and realize that no one is biting, and taking that next step up the compensation plan is seeming more and more unlikely.

Here are a few key reasons to stay in place.

1. MLM is a form of business

You may have joined thinking everything would be simple and it would demand nothing from you but please understand that this is a business. What you are currently experiencing is normal. No business goes from zero to hero in one foul swoop. You put the hours in and you see the reward. You are not alone in feeling this way, choose to keep moving forward consistently and you will be surprised about what happens to you.

2. MLM can provide you a rewarding retirement

Build your business now and not only will you experience the joys of being your own boss and creating your own wealth and nest egg, you will also experience the joy of supporting others in reaching their goals. Yes, retirement seems like the thing to do after 40 years of working hard for little to no reward but when you are doing something that impacts the planet by helping others make their business and wealth dreams come true, you may find that retirement is no longer something you look forward to. It may become something you choose to delay because you are having far too much fun.

3. MLM is financially rewarding

Though you may have to work hard, and though you may find that you are having far too much fun to retire once you get past the first stage of ramping up your business, you will realize that you are creating wealth in abundance. More than enough for you and yours and also enough to give to charities that mean something to you.

You can go beyond helping the people in your immediate vicinity to supporting those you may never personally contact but because you have invested your time and effort in creating a business that brings you joy and fulfillment; you will also find that you expand into impacting people all over the globe as well.

It may all seem fairly lofty but the truth is an MLM business has incredible potential and you have the opportunity to take advantage of it all.

Research – Just Do It – Or Don’t Bother With An Online Or Offline Business

There are really only four steps to owning and running a business and they are


They are all important but the most important is research for without it you will be lucky to make it a success.

Incidentally and probably to most people’s surprise the second most important is the exit strategy – how are you going to leave the business? Why build it up only to just close it down when you want to retire which is what a lot of business owners do? Having an exit strategy means you have an end goal in mind and focuses you on building your business for a specific reason other than being your own boss.

However this article is about the importance of research so let’s focus on that.

You think you have a great idea about a certain problem and you think a certain type of widget book or even a specialist shop will solve it and make you millions!

So you steam ahead but neglect to do the proper research to see if there is indeed a need or more importantly a want for it and you just plow straight ahead spending your hard earned money producing this fantastic product that you are sure is a winner.

Unfortunately it isn’t and all your dreams disappear along with your investment and possibly more. This could have been avoided with the proper research which is why it is so important.

Research is where your business actually starts – you need to know if what you offer is actually needed or wanted and there is a BIG difference between the two.

People need food to live but what sort of food do they want? See the difference? You could try and sell all kinds of different exotic foods because you like the idea of it but if nobody wants to eat them you will fail in that business.

Your research will tell you what foods people want and this principle applies to virtually all successful businesses.

So how do you start? Well who do you want to sell to? Men, women, parents, couples, singles, teenagers, sports people (men /women/both!), the elderly, the disabled – who? You must decide your who your market is.

Most people start with Google to find out what size of market there is ( if any ) but be very specific about what you are looking for.

For example if you’re looking at the fishing market ( a huge one ) when you type in your product or market into the search bar instead of saying “fishing” say fishing rods or bait or whatever it is you are thinking of offering. If it’s fly-fishing state that but be specific, what sort of fly are you offering, what sort of fish do your customers want to catch – trout or salmon?

You can also look on Amazon and eBay for ideas, especially for products proven to sell.

However if there’s only one thing you take away from this article then make it this:

• It’s much easier to sell into a market that’s already buying than it is to create a new product and find a market for it.

Again your research will tell you what is hot and what is not.

Quite often a personal experience of adversity will make you look more closely at it and maybe see an opportunity in that particular market. For example I have a friend whose daughter became very ill which eventually led to partial amputation. This greatly affected her as you can imagine.

One thing that became very apparent when she was recovering was how limited her choices were for travel or holidays. The UK has specific regulations concerning hotels and facilities for wheelchair users or people with physical disabilities but there are still problems and even more so in other countries.

This makes finding suitable accommodation quite difficult. My friend decided that there was a business opportunity in this area so he researched the possibility of setting up a travel business catering specifically for the physically challenged.

By that I don’t mean just wheelchair users (according to his research only 7% of the people labeled “disabled” are actually wheelchair bound) far from it.

He discovered that the elderly who are a bit unsteady on their feet are often labeled “disabled” and they really don’t like it. It is however, a huge market, one which without the requisite research wouldn’t have been noticed. The elderly often have the same needs such as no steps or level resorts. Now that they have this information they can formulate the best way of marketing the business to accommodate both types of customer.

If you’re looking to be an affiliate you should look in ClickBank and see what’s in the top 50 selling products or if you have a certain interest and there’s a product related to it investigate it more.
There are two areas to look at in particular when choosing a product.

1. The gravity reading. This is the number of affiliates promoting the product – anywhere between 60 – 100 is ideal.

• Below 60 – product not popular enough = low sales
• Above 100 – product too popular – unless you have a large list already and are able to get in on the trend or fad then it’s best to ignore it.

2. Future $ – This signifies the amount paid on a monthly recurring basis – this is the best product to sell as it means regular passive income.

Once you’ve decided on who you’re going to sell to you need to know where to find them. If your market is selling information marketing products and your ideal customer is male, aged 40 – 65 then Pinterest probably isn’t for you!

According to a recent survey 42% of adult users are women with only 13% being men. This means 45% of users are under the age of 18!

LinkedIn however probably is. Of all internet users, the number of adult men using LinkedIn is 28% and 61% of LinkedIn users are aged 30-69.

Perhaps a more interesting number is the 44% of all LinkedIn users earn $75000 or more per year! If you have a high priced product LinkedIn would seem a very good place to sell it.

Of course Facebook and – perhaps surprisingly to some people – YouTube are also excellent sources for researching your chosen market.

If you are thinking of selling information products try Udemy and for crafts and such try Etsy.

One very important area worth looking at to see what people are buying is Warrior Forum. People here are buyers as well and you can find valuable information on what people want.

If you are thinking of starting a business or just selling online part time I hope this article gives you some food for thought. There’s an old saying ” fools rush in where angels fear to tread “.
Don’t be a fool – research!