Email Marketing: A Time-Tested Digital Marketing Strategy for a Highly Profitable Business

When a business wants to achieve successful marketing, it really doesn’t have to be complicated, but formulating and establishing a fail-safe and extremely efficient and effective marketing strategy is absolutely challenging. The competition gets tougher and more multifarious each day as competitors innovate and do their thing to overthrow and outshine the other brands.

For a fact, struggling new entrepreneurs should always bear in mind that there all marketing strategies are time-tested and has brought success to most dominant brands nowadays, but not a single marketing scheme would be effective for all businesses. There would be a need to tailor-fit and customize the marketing tactics for it to be applicable to specific businesses. And all these proven and tested marketing tactics could really be efficient if used and done right.

· Email Marketing. Though sending emails have been considered by some to really be a thing of the Jurassic Ages, email marketing strategies still remain on top in establishing brand credibility and powerful online presence and most importantly boosting the company’s profit beyond its margins. Emails sent to prospective clients could really get the company’s message across and allows them to engage with their email subscribers more effectively and converting them from customers to dedicated buyers. For most marketers, sending highly-optimized emails is the perfect way to make investments and do business with people.

· Affiliate Marketing. This marketing strategy has become really effective especially for well-established brands. As a business who engages in this type of marketing, paying for commissions for those who generate sales is the approach. By this, affiliate marketers could also get other people to promote and market the product for them on a commission basis. But, this marketing strategy also has its setbacks and one of them is that the overhead expenses on commissions and promotional stints will be more costly prompting the company to increase the pricing. Because of the relatively higher product price, competitors would have an edge. The best solution to this is to attract business partners to help expand the budget, to compute for the cost of affiliate commission and look into the lifetime value of the customers and to keep in mind long-term profits.

· Partnership is an option. As a business grows, marketing the products would be more demanding in terms of generating new leads and customers. And when this happens, the need to engage into a proficient strategic partnership would be essential to increase the advertising and promotional budget. Collaboration with a company related to the business would be a great idea like a clothing company merging or collaborating with accessories or footwear companies would open a plethora of sales opportunities; and the partnership would grow both businesses at the same time.

· Influencer marketing is something like the strategic partnership marketing strategy, but this makes use of popular people or celebrities to endorse the brand to pave the way for the business to reach audiences that are already highly-engaged. This would be something that can cost quite a large amount of money, but this marketing tactic would catalyze and leverage the sales and eventually bring the company booming revenues and marketing success.

Why Cashmere Jumpers Are Worth Investing In

Cashmere jumpers ooze quality. And sometimes this can be expensive quality. However, does this expensive price tag put you off of buying? It shouldn’t. Cashmere jumpers make good investments – and here’s why.

When you buy a cashmere jumper you will be pleasantly surprised by how it will become a favourite in your wardrobe. Older, cheaper jumpers will become obsolete, and when given a choice you find yourself reaching for it every time. So why is this?

Cashmere wool originates from Mongolia and China. The fibre is the soft undercoat produced by cashmere goats in order to keep warm during the colder months. The winters in this part of the world aren’t always forgiving, with on-going blizzards and high winds, and the goats don’t always get shelter from this, therefore they’ve had to adapt and evolve in order to survive. The extra coat that they grow is naturally designed to withstand harsh weathers, insulating them, keeping them warm without hindering them with weight, and protecting them against whatever element is being thrown their way.

In spring the weather warms up and the goats no longer need this extra coat so they shed it. This is then gathered, and when weaved into cashmere jumpers it offers us the same qualities that it offered the goats in the mountains. It’s soft, feeling like silk against your skin, warm to help keep you snug during the coldest of days, and light, so it won’t bog you down.

Cheaper jumpers can be weaved from an assortment of different wools, even synthetic and man-made such as acrylics. These may be cheaper and more resilient to processes such as machine washing, but the quality will never match that of pure cashmere. The fibres can feel heavy and rough, becoming uncomfortable and a hindrance, and this in turn can become annoying, feeding your reluctance to wear the garment. If this is the case, it wasn’t money well spent. But cashmere jumpers on the other hand are different.

When you wear cashmere you are instantly made aware of its quality. The material drapes and moulds itself around your body and feels silky soft. And despite its light weight, which is something that won’t hinder your movement during simple tasks, it is still able to keep you warm even on the coldest of winter days. Remember, this fibre kept the goats alive throughout the numerous blizzards they saw during their winters and can offer you the same benefits.

And cashmere will also last – far outliving any cheaper jumper that you have. The material actually improves with age. Even pilling can attribute to this, and it rarely loses its shape, causing it to look tatty and bedraggled with age. Cashmere jumpers are built to last, and if you invest in one you will soon realise that it has become a favoured garment in your wardrobe and one that you find yourself wearing year after year. That’s money well spent.

Why Do Companies Invest in Custom Promotional Products?

There are a lot of people that say that custom promotional products are just a waste of time and money and they do not really do anything for the companies that use them. However they are wrong; believe it or not these products that they invest money into actually do several things.

  • Promote the business to other businesses
  • Professional looking
  • Free advertising for people that are looking to use their service
  • Discounts

These four reasons are just some of the main reasons that companies order custom promotional products. Organizations use customized products mainly as an advertising prop to send to possible clients, customers or to promote their business and tell the world why they are the best. It is a proven fact that word of mouth advertising is the best way to increase your business, the ability to customize products to promote your business is a good way to keep your name in your client’s mind and this may come in handy when they’re recommending a business to a partner or friends.

However that is not the only reason that businesses all over the world use custom promotional products each and every day. Another good reason is that they will invest in making sure that they have promotional products is for the simple fact that it makes their organization appear professional no matter what size it may be.

One of the other reasons that businesses use the customized promotional products is for free advertising purposes other than for businesses. For example they may send a person a customized t-shirt with a logo that they came up with to promote a race or a cause that your company supports, it’s a great way to get your name out there.

Finally the last but not least reason is to improve customer relations. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Order a batch of shirts or pens and send them to an existing customer and when time comes around to renew that contract… they will remember and appreciate the time they received that gift from you.

So if you are someone that is thinking about using the custom promotional products to increase your business exposure these are just some of the best reasons that some of the big companies do each and every day. So what are you waiting for? Take some time and do some research as to what customizing companies can offer you.